In the “VanadVeljed” magazine fresh edition you’ll find the print of the Sign Rally. You can also get the sign from the vintage technics museums and events listed below. Collecting stamps from the museums and events on your special sign print, you’ll get the exclusive chance of getting yourself the 

“Hundred Years on Wheels” souvenir sign with EV100 symbolics 

– just like the Vintage Technics Grand Rides. To get the sign for free, you’ll have to collect at least 12 stamps from the museums and events listed below.

The exclusive sign won’t be available anywhere else! Collect your prize for collecting 12 or more stamps at the exhibition-festival in LaitseRallyPark in September

In the Sign Rally, you can collect stamps in the following locations:


1.     Wana-KolgaMotocycle fair, Nõo (9th of June)
2.     Unic-Moto reunion, Tapa (7th of July)
3.     Tartu Hanseatic Days (7th-8th of July)
4.     Old-timey Trucks reunion, Valgamaa (21st of July)
5.     Melliste Fair, Tartumaa (5th of August)
6.     Konse Days, Pärnu (11th-12th August)
7.     Võru City Days (18th of August)
8.     ArseniPalu memorial drive, Valgamaa (18th of August)
9.     “Hundred Years on Wheels” Exhibition-festival in LaitseRallyPark (5th-9th of September)


A.   Väätsa bicycle museum
B.   Seli museum in Tartu
C.   Kolga motorcycle stable museum
D.   Kaldemäe hostel motorcycle museum
E.   Kurtna Motorcycle museum
F.    Järva-Jaani shelter for vintage technics
G.   Näkiallika tool museum
H.   LaitseRallyParkmuseum
I.    Motorsport museum
J.    Car museum in Halinga
K.   Estonian Road Museum
L.   Varbola antiques stable
M.  Valeri Kirss museum
N.   Estonian Museum Railway